Miscellaneous Adventures

Outdoor Workshops

In addition to crafting hand made outdoor goods, we host a range of workshops and events designed to engage a new generation of outdoors people with nature through creativity, fun and adventure. All workshops take place on our beautiful semi ancient woodland site , just over an hour away from London.

Where the kettle is always boiling

Whether woodcarving, nature journalling, axe crafting or camp cooking, all our workshops have a boiling kettle of coffee over the fire at their heart. Step away from your computer screens, forget about the daily grind and join us in the woods; make something with your bare hands, fell a tree, light a fire, get blisters, muddy boots, woodsmoke in your hair and reconnect with nature in a meaningful way.


Woodland Woodcarving

Spend a whole day in the woods in a relaxed, creative setting learning the foundations of woodcarving on our original and most popular workshop. You'll learn how to make your own wooden spoon using an axe, knife, saw and crook knife from green wood and discover how the techniques used can be applied to larger projects and general outdoor duties. Plus, glean insights into the way the forest works, learn how to identify useful trees and much more.


Woodland Basecamp

A whole day of woodland activities based around a central woodland camp that will provide you with a range of new outdoor skills to help you connect better with the natural environment and serve you well on future adventures, be they in mountains, by the coast or in the forest.

Saturday October 6th 2018


Drawn to Nature

Illustrator and small press publisher Esther McManus joins us in the woods for our summer workshop, Drawn to Nature. With the woodland and countryside buzzing with life, we take a curious look at our surroundings and with the help of creative exercises and insights into nature’s ways and learn to appreciate the outdoor environment in a whole new way.

Date TBA


Axcellent Adventure

An enduring symbol of freedom, wilderness and adventure, the axe is probably the most useful tool available to the outdoors person. Whether you're hiking through forested terrain, staying in a cabin or simply want to heat your home with wood, the axe can furnish you with everything you need to be comfortable. However before you go out and swing an axe at something for the first time there are some things you should know. Let us show you how to use one safely and efficiently, all whilst camping in the forest on our Axcellent Adventure Workshop.


Private workshops

Alongside our regular workshops we are always happy to host workshops for private parties and individuals. If you want one of our Woodcarving Workshops for just you and your friends or you want a workshop tailored to you requirements just let us know and we'll look forward to seeing you in the woods!

Some past private workshops include:
● One to one woodcarving
● Axcellent Adventure Weekend for 4 friends
● Axe and knife sharpening day
● Firelighting and camp cooking
● Tree ID and nature walk