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The beauty found in objects made from natural materials is derived from the beauty found in the whole of nature. We make wooden camping gear by hand so that you can always take a little bit of nature with you wherever you go. All our handmade camping woodenware is inspired by our interactions with the seasons and celebrates the beauty of nature we encounter in the great outdoors.

We strive to make and design sustainable outdoor gear that celebrates the beauty of nature. From handcrafted camping woodenware and fabric accessories, to rugged tools and equipment, all of our goods embody the spirit of wild places and seek to enrich the outdoor experience. Made by hand in our woodland studio.

Woodland Blend Coffee (Ground 200g)

Woodland Blend Coffee (Ground 200g)

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Conifer Coffee x Misc Adventures Woodland Blend

Craft roasted in the Swedish woods by Conifer Coffee for Miscellaneous Adventures, this medium light roast has taste notes of plum and chocolate. It has been ground to suit pour over and Aeropress. We highly recommend brewing it over fire in the woods but it’ll taste just as good at home.

Each pack comes with an exclusive letter pressed A6 postcard designed by us and expertly printed by Inky and the Beast.

We recommend our Adventure Spoon as a great companions to our coffee!

Roasted on: 04.04.2018
Best Before: 04.01.2019

Further Information on this blend from Conifer Coffee:

This coffee some from a number of very small family owned coffee farms in the picturesque Ruwenzori mountains of Uganda. The farms are entered around the Ihani washing station, which is where the coffee from the surrounding area is collected. It is then fermented for 24 hours, washed and put to dry under cover for 18 days.

The coffee is organically grown at an altitude of approx. 1500 mass and the Arabica varieties used are SL14, SL28 and Nyasaland. These are delicate varieties and this particular mix translates into a very good, complex taste in your cup.

After leaving Uganda, the coffee has been craft roasted by hand in Sweden.

Confier Coffee contact details:

conifer.coffee (+46 732 485 932)

Read an interview with Benny form Conifer Coffee on our Logbook here!

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