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The beauty found in objects made from natural materials is derived from the beauty found in the whole of nature. We make wooden camping gear by hand so that you can always take a little bit of nature with you wherever you go. All our handmade camping woodenware is inspired by our interactions with the seasons and celebrates the beauty of nature we encounter in the great outdoors.

We strive to make and design sustainable outdoor gear that celebrates the beauty of nature. From handcrafted camping woodenware and fabric accessories, to rugged tools and equipment, all of our goods embody the spirit of wild places and seek to enrich the outdoor experience. Made by hand in our woodland studio.

Wildwood Frame Saw

Wildwood Frame Saw


Portable yet capable of cutting large pieces of wood, the Wildwood Frame Saw is a wonderful tool for harvesting timber, whether for the campfire, wood stove or woodworking. Each one is hand made by us from European ash felled, milled and planked right here in the woods and features a 21” blade for cutting seasoned wood. When assembled, the saw is tensioned by tightening the windlass. After use, the saw can be quickly dismantled and stored in the accompanying canvas sheath.

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