Miscellaneous Adventures


Miscellaneous Adventures aims to engage people with nature and traditional skills through creativity, fun and adventure. These are the four guiding principles to our approach:

Craft / Tradition - In an ever increasingly digital, automated world we want to help keep traditional craft skills alive and promote the benefits of making things with your bare hands. It is our hope that by producing high quality hand made items, teaching a wide range of outdoor activities and working with other makers we can encourage more folks away from their screens and out into the woods.

Nature / Outdoor Environment - We strongly believe that the key to protecting our environment lies in engaging people with nature. We have discovered through our work that the more you come to learn about the complexities of the natural world and the more fun you have out there, the more you realise the importance of preserving it. By encouraging the use of products made from sustainable natural materials and by sharing outdoor skills and knowledge on our workshops we hope we can make difference. A percentage of our sales from wooden items will also be donated to The Woodland TrustTrees for Life and Surfers Against Sewage.

Creativity / Aesthetic - As illustrators and designers, we don’t see why things can’t be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. We also believe in the power of good art and design to assist in the delivery of important information or messages. By combining our passion for the outdoors, nature and adventure with our skills as designers and photographers we hope we can effectively communicate our ideals and provide inspiration to likeminded creative outdoors people.

Materials / Quality - The beauty found in objects made from natural materials is derived from the beauty found in the whole of nature. Stainless steel or titanium camping equipment has its place in your kit, but we feel the addition of a few wooden and handmade items can help enrich your adventures. Wood is soft, warm and tactile. Each piece is totally unique and derived from nature itself making it the ultimate material for enhancing the outdoor experience.