Miscellaneous Adventures


Welcome to the Logbook; a place for us to share our adventures, outdoor knowledge and campfire recipes, along with insights into the way we make our products and the work we do around our woodland studio. 

Pancake Day in the Woods

This year we headed into the woods for Pancake Day and ditched the classic sugar and lemon recipe in favour of a hearty sweetcorn, potato and cheese savoury lunchtime snack. We found this recipe online but omitted a few ingredients to make it easier to cook outdoors and added grated cheese because, well, cheese.

All around us in the woods, signs of spring were increasingly conspicuous. Scraping back the top layer of leaf litter in order to build a small fire revealed tiny shoots of wildflowers and seed leaves of emerging saplings, each poised to take advantage of the available sunlight before the canopy of spring and summer foliage envelopes the woodland floor in cool shade.

The little pancakes made for a delicious outdoor lunch and one that we think would be great for any day of the year. We hope you give them a try and hope that you're able to spot some signs of spring on your next adventure.

Sweetcorn and Potato Pancakes (Serves 4)

Kit list:
Cast Iron Skillet (ours is from Poler Stuff)
Frontier Spatula
Adventure Spoon

You will need:
425g mashed potato made with butter and milk and allowed to cool
1 small tin of sweetcorn
4 tablespoons of plain flour
1 egg
A handful of grated cheese
A splash of milk
Salt and pepper

Oil for frying
Hot sauce

Mix all the ingredients (except for the oil) in a large bowl until you have a smooth batter, adding more milk if needed. It should be pretty thick and gloopy rather than runny. Get your skillet super hot and then add some oil. Use a spatula to make four pancakes about 1cm thick in the pan. Cook until golden brown on both sides, flipping regularly. Cover in hot sauce of your choice and enjoy!