Miscellaneous Adventures


Welcome to the Logbook; a place for us to share our adventures, outdoor knowledge and campfire recipes, along with insights into the way we make our products and the work we do around our woodland studio. 

Going back to our roots - big changes to the shop

If you follow us on Instagram, you will have seen that after a lot of thinking, we’ve decided it’s time to return to our roots (pun intended) and to only supply wooden goods and things we have made ourselves in our store.

That means no t-shirts, no titanium mugs, and no other little trinkets. The reasons are varied and many, but mostly we feel that we can’t be selling these things whilst at the same time encouraging a change in our patterns of consumption; the world doesn’t need another version of a titanium mug or an organic t-shirt with our logo on it and we are uncomfortable with the idea of having things made of which the social and environmental impacts are unknown. There are lots of brands talking about nature and the environment but not following through with their actions these days and we don’t want to be one of them. 

We are also tired of trying to be another outdoor brand. When we started we just wanted to make beautiful, functional things for people to take into the wilderness with them, things that had a story and meaning and things that people cared about. But now to keep up with other brands we find ourselves awash in a sea of marketing speak, branded content, influencer marketing, conversions, engagement, hashtags, algorithms and paid promotions and other things that we’re not good at or have any interest in getting good at and that are at odds with the things we feel are important in life.

And so for now, we just want to get back to making things inspired by nature and wild places and sharing the joy we find there. Each one of our handmade items is inspired by a place, material, experience or natural phenomena; they are carefully carved from wood we harvest ourselves here at home and carry with them a story, one that we hope will be continued and added to for many years to come.

So, we’re having a clear out of what’s left of our non-wooden stock. We plan to donate a percentage of the sales to the John Muir Trust and what doesn’t sell by the end of July, we will give to charities.

Thank you to everyone that supported us over the years by buying tees, mugs, pins, patches and more! We enjoyed making them and we hope you continue to use them for a long time yet.