Miscellaneous Adventures


Welcome to the Logbook; a place for us to share our adventures, outdoor knowledge and campfire recipes, along with insights into the way we make our products and the work we do around our woodland studio. 

Drawn to Nature - April 2017

This weekend saw the first of our Drawn to Nature workshops take place on a sunny Saturday in the woods. Drawn to Nature is a completely different kind of day to our usual woodcarving workshops and we were excited to get underway. Through our woodcarving workshops we encourage our students to leave with a new appreciation of the outdoors and the natural world around them and although different in subject, Drawn to Nature has the same aim. As creatives ourselves we have learned that spending time outdoors, observing and noticing the smaller details is a great way to better connect with nature, and drawing can be the perfect way to document these discoveries. 

We were very happy to have small press publisher, artist and teacher, Esther McManus on hand to lead the day. Esther devised a range of fun, challenging and inspiring exercises for us to complete throughout the day in our handmade Nature Journals as we walked through the woodland and surrounding countryside.

As with all our workshops, we rounded off the day around the campfire with a mug of local ale as we excitedly reflected on a great day of discovery.

Our next Drawn to Nature workshop will be held on Saturday, June 9th and you can book a place here.