Miscellaneous Adventures


Welcome to the Logbook; a place for us to share our adventures, outdoor knowledge and campfire recipes, along with insights into the way we make our products and the work we do around our woodland studio. 

Bilberry bounty and a camping pancake recipe.

Bilberry, wimberry, whortleberry, blaeberry, Vaccinium myrtillus. Whatever you want to call them, foraging for these tiny flavour bombs is our favourite annual wild food excursion. This year was especially fun as it was the first that Benji was able to get amongst the plants and lend a hand, although, in truth, he ate more than he brought home. read on for our bilberry camping pancake recipe!

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Making Wild Spirit Drinking Vessels

I’ve just finished making a small batch of our wooden cups and thought I’d share what goes in to the making of our Wild Spirit Drinking Vessels and Polaris Coffee Cups. These are our own versions of the traditional drinking vessel of the far north, the kuksa, guksi or noggin depending on where you’re from. We first encountered cups like this on a trek in the far north of Sweden; seeing hikers use these to scoop up icy water from mountain streams was one of the things that inspired me to pick up my axe and start making things from wood, eventually creating Miscellaneous Adventures.

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A Windy Woodland Woodcarving Workshop

Last year we made the difficult decision to stop running our regular workshop calendar and focus on hosting private groups and bespoke events instead. But when the first signs of spring started to emerge this February, we couldn’t resist the urge to arrange a Woodland Wooodcarving Workshop coinciding with bluebell season…

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Simplifying Sohlberg - Flag making at The Dulwich Picture Gallery

‘Nature, Creativity, Adventure’. The combining of creativity with our outdoor skills and love and knowledge of nature is what we believe makes Miscellaneous Adventures unique as a brand and design studio. So when Rachel from The Dulwich Picture Gallery approached us last year to ask if we would teach a creative workshop for their ‘Love your Landscape’ family festival, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do just that.

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A Festive Midwinter Warmer!

Around this time every year, we head into the woods to cook up an outdoor feast to celebrate midwinter, the forthcoming festive season and to toast the year past. This year we decided to focus on creating a liquid accompaniment to our feasting, something warming that celebrated the season, something that tasted like Christmas in drinkable form.

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Give Less, Give Well

Welcome to our second annual ‘Give Less, Give Well’ Christmas gift guide. Our aim is to produce a gift guide that features outdoor focused brands, companies and individuals who do things a little differently, who attempt to be more sustainable, to protect the environment or encourage activism and social change

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Wilderness Wanderings with a Toddler in Tow: Gear Guide

One of the big challenges of undertaking a multi-day hike with a two year old in tow is figuring out how to carry said two year old plus camping gear, food and water for the three people for the duration of the trip. In this post we’ve detailed the gear we used during our three day hike along a section of the High Coast of Sweden in the hope it will help if you’re planning a similar adventure…

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High spirits on the High Coast of Sweden

It was a trip to Sweden 7 years ago, our first encounter with nature at its wildest, that provided the spark of inspiration for Miscellaneous Adventures, setting us on a new path with nature and outdoor adventure as our guides. When we began making plans for a special trip this summer, Sweden was naturally the first place that came to mind; we hoped the wild landscape and strong outdoor culture would be enliven our spirits as much now as it did 7 years ago. This time however, it wouldn't be just the two of us; we would be bringing Benji, our nearly two year old son, along for the journey.

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Drink Coffee in the Woods!

Coffee and the Great Outdoors are two wonderful things. Combine them and you get something truly magical. For that reason, we are very excited to now have our own ‘Woodland Blend’ available produced in collaboration with Swedish nano roastery, Conifer Coffee. We asked founder, Benny, to answer a few questions about coffee, nature and life. Read his answers here…

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The Forester Folding Camp Stool

Nearly all our wooden products start their life as offcuts from the forestry work we undertake around the woodland we manage and call our home. Our Forester Folding Camp Stools are no exception; each one is hand made from durable, resilient European ash (Fraxinus excelsior) felled by us as part of our ongoing woodland management plan. 

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