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Woodland Woodcarving September 2016

Posted by Andrew Groves on

Our final Woodland Woodcarving Workshop of 2016 took place this past weekend in our usual semi ancient woodland setting. Bathed in warm,  late September sunshine the woods were fragrant with the smell of woodsmoke and subtle notes of autumn on the breeze. Although the canopy is still largely green and in full leaf, there were signs everywhere that the whole woodland is getting ready for its annual winter slumber and anticipating the shorter days ahead.

As is always the case, we had an outstanding group of students who were a pleasure to teach and who all left with a beautiful hand carved wooden spoon plus the knowledge of how to safely use an axe and other useful woodland tools.

Those that camped had a blustery night in the woods but a happy one listening to tawny owls, the crackling campfire and trees swaying in the wind. Thanks as always to Poler Stuff for providing the woodland accommodation!

Thanks so much to everyone who attended the workshop this month and those who attended the others throughout the year. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list for details of future workshop dates - Next up is our Axcellent Adventure workshop which is taking place on the weekend of the 15th of October which we’re super excited about and there are still a couple of places left if you'd like to join us!

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