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Woodland Basecamp Workshop with All Conditions Media

Posted by Andrew Groves on

Marketing and communications strategy agency All Conditions Media came to us recently seeking a bespoke workshop for a team day out. ACM provide content and PR services for outdoor adventure and action sports brands and have worked for some of our favourites including Finisterre and Trakke so we jumped at the chance to cook up a special day in the woods.

ACM frosty morning
A beautiful cold and frosty start to the day.

We invented a new workshop titled 'Woodland Basecamp' which was so much fun we're planning on adding it to our regular roster of courses next year. The aim of the workshop was to teach the complete gamut of skills required for spending a whole day and night in the woods. We included some tree and plant ID and a little wander to find some useful natural materials; safe and efficient use of axes to split firewood; firelighting using multiple methods; building and managing a fire for cooking; packing, preparing and making delicious food (we made rabbit burritos in case you were wondering); and of course we finished with some woodcarving and obligatory beers around the campfire.

ACM Coffee
Hot, fresh coffee was on the boil all day to provide much needed warmth. All the firewood split and stacked by the ACM crew.

ACM Swedish Torch
A 'Swedish Torch' in action. This was one of the many types of fire we used during the day.

Spending the whole day in one place is something we feel people should do more; so often outdoor exploits are goal driven and factors such as distance travelled or height gained are given importance over enjoying simply being outside. Setting up camp for a day in the woods forces you to slow down, to settle into the natural rhythm of the landscape and to develop a closer relationship with the great outdoors; something we think everyone can benefit from.

ACM Splitting Firewood
Splitting logs without a chopping block.

ACM Rabbit Burritos
Preparing rabbit burritos, ready for cooking in the dutch oven.

ACM Camp FireStoking up the campfire for beers as the light fades and the temperature drops.

Thanks so much to All Conditions Media for joining us on a cold and frosty day in the woods. As mentioned, the plan is to make this workshop available to all in 2017, so sign up to our mailing list below and keep an eye on our feeds for more details soon. If you run an agency and are looking for a creative, outdoor-centric day out for your team, e-mail us to find out how we can help!

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