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The EU Referendum and the Environment

Posted by Andrew Groves on

We generally avoid discussing political issues here; there are many others far more qualified than we are to do so and we prefer to engage people and spread positive messages using the powerful forces of enjoyment, education and design. 
We have noticed however that as we read on social media and in the press about the many concerns the British population has regarding the EU Referendum, the environment features low down the list of issues discussed and we wanted to speak up for nature and wildlife.

EU Referendum and the environment

It’s not our place to tell anyone how to vote, so we’d like to recommend that you take some time to look into some of the things the EU does to guide and assist Britain on the management of our natural resources and protection of vulnerable species and habitats and factor the findings into your decision making. The Wildlife Trusts have put together a very in-depth, impartial report detailing some of the potential implications for nature - and therefore us - based on the outcomes of the referendum which is well worth having a read; so go take a look.

For us, it’s worrying that environmental issues appear to be of low concern to the general public and feel that the other problems we face as a society can only be fixed effectively in a healthy natural environment; what use is a growing economy if the air we breathe is carcinogenic? How can we expect to continue to be able to feed a population without careful management and protection of the land and sea? 

As a species we are currently tearing down the walls and defecating on the floors of our own houses, destroying the very things that we depend on to survive and so it is vital that we learn to preserve and look after nature, not just for nature’s sake but for our own.

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