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Stove Season!

Posted by Andrew Groves on

Stove season is finally upon us! The labour of felling trees, logging, splitting, hauling and stacking wood is about to be repaid by the happy orange glow inside the stove window and the ticking sound of expanding cast iron as our bones and hearts are warmed throughout the winter.

Stove season
With the initial excitement of the first fire comes an element of worry; did I harvest enough wood to take us through to spring? If we have a cold, wet end to the winter will I have to search the woods in the wind and rain, chainsaw in hand, for dry dead wood to see us through?

Stove Season Logs

In a way, this is part of the joy of being self sufficient with heating; to be held accountable for where warmth comes from sure makes you think twice before lighting the stove, maybe an extra layer of clothing would suffice? This accountability also allows a valued sense of satisfaction, perhaps even smugness, with each lighting of the fire that warms the mind and spirit as well as room and body.

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