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Miscellaneous Adventures Woodland Workshops 2018

Posted by Andrew Groves on

Workshops are the beating heart of Miscellaneous Adventures. In all that we do; the things we make, the places we go and the creative work we create, we strive to encourage a connection with nature and to promote a more meaningful, intentional and fun way of living through spending time outdoors. Our workshops however, are a chance for us to share our knowledge, enthusiasm and joy for nature in the most direct way possible, face to face, outdoors, away from laptops and smart phones, in the forest with woodsmoke in our hair and mud on our hands and knees. Here we get to engage with people from a wide range of differing backgrounds, yet all connected by a simple yearning to do something new and to spend a little more time outside.
Miscellaneous Adventures Outdoor Workshops
For 2018 we’re giving our schedule an overhaul, teaching just four workshops throughout the year; a different one for each season. One of the reasons for scheduling less workshops is so that we can be available to host private events for small teamsgroups of friends or individuals and we're also able to take the workshops on the road so if you are interested in hosting a workshop where you are or coming along to us for a bespoke event, please do get in touch
Winter sees the introduction of a brand new event: The Woodland Basecamp Workshop. We invented this day long outdoor experience originally as a special workshop for All Conditions Media but we had such a good time back in November 2016 that we've decided to make it available to everyone. Join us in February to learn all the necessary skills required to spend a whole day and night in woods in winter and a whole lot more.
Miscellaneous Adventures Woodland Basecamp
Miscellaneous Adventures Woodland Basecamp
Spring is the ideal time to be making things in the woods, surrounded by wildflowers and leaves unfurling on the trees, so April sees us host our flagship event, the Woodland Woodcarving Workshop. Start with a log of freshly cut birch wood and transform it into a beautiful wooden spoon using the simple tools of the woodsman or woodswoman. Our course is about more than just spoon carving however and we’ll show you how carving wood can be a great vehicle for learning about nature, boosting creativity and maximising enjoyment in the woods. We’ll also share some outdoorsy tips and tricks along the way. We have timed this workshop to coincide with peak bluebell explosion - a wonderful time to spend a creative day in the woods.
Woodland Woodcarving Workshop
Woodland Woodcarving Workshop
Illustrator and small press publisher Esther McManus joins us in the woods once again for our summer workshop, Drawn to Nature. With the woodland and countryside buzzing with life, we take a curious look at our surroundings and with the help of creative exercises and insights into nature’s ways and learn to appreciate the outdoor environment in a whole new way.
Drawn to Nature
Drawn to Nature Miscellaneous Adventures
And lastly, October and the golden colours of autumn provide us with the perfect setting for our Axcellent Adventure. A whole weekend dedicated to mastery of our favourite outdoor tool, the axe. We delve deep into axe craft and share all the techniques and skills we’ve accumulated whilst using the axe daily at our woodland home and on explorations further afield. With wild camping, campfire cooked food and good vibes, this has become one of our favourite weekends of the year and we’re already looking forward to the next one.
Axcellent Adventure
Axcellent Adventure
Be sure to visit our archived blog posts for photos and details on our past workshops and head to our workshops page to book a place
See you in the woods...

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