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Axcellent Adventure!

Posted by Andrew Groves on

A couple of weekends ago we ran our second ever Axcellent Adventure workshop. This is fast becoming our favourite workshop to host as it includes two full days of wild camping, camp fire cooking and a thorough introduction to the art of axing thus encapsulating everything we enjoy doing in the woods. As we’ve written before, the axe is central to most of what we do here and is an essential tool for daily life and outdoor explorations further afield, so it’s a real joy to be able to pass on the knowledge we’ve accumulated to help aspiring adventurers get the most out of this incredibly versatile tool in a safe and responsible way.

Tree felling demontration Axcellent Adventure Miscellaneous Adventures

We’re also keen to spread the message that there are moral obligations that come with using such a tool; although axes are really fun and look good strapped to the outside of people's rucksacks on Instagram, it’s important to consider the impact that cutting wood can have on complex forest ecosystems, on the enjoyment of other outdoor users and that all cutting tools are inherently dangerous without adequate training - which is where we come in - and good judgement.
Over the course of the weekend we took five students with varying levels of axe experience (axperience?) and guided them through axe history, sharpening and maintenance, a wide range of firewood splitting techniques, an introduction to the woodland environment, felling, limbing and bucking small trees to finally carving useful objects from the wood harvested during the workshop. The whole weekend was a real pleasure and as always we were able to learn some new things ourselves as well as pass on our own knowledge.
Thanks so much to everyone who came and thanks especially to talented photographer Liz Seabrook for documenting the action.
Kettles over campfire Miscellaneous Adventures Axcellent Adventure
Woodsman's coffee (kindly provided by Yallah) to start the day.
Dutch Oven Firewood Campfire Miscellaneous Adventures Axcellent Adventure
Lunch cooking over the fire next to the mountain of firewood split by our students.
Gransfors Axes on the Miscellaneous Adventures Axcellent Adventure
Axcellent Adventure Liz Felling
Dutch Oven Frittata for lunch. Axcellent Adventure. Miscellaneous Adventures.
Lunch is served. Asparagus, pea and goat's cheese frittata.
Axcellent Adventure. Miscellaneous Adventures.
Bucking the tree once it has been felled into logs ready for further processing.
Axcellent Adventure. Miscellaneous Adventures.
Logs freshly chopped out from our felled birch trees ready to split.
Our Axcellent Adventure will return early in 2017, so if you'd like to come along please email Emma on to register your interest! We have also produced a small handbook that contains some of the things we teach on the course which you can pick up here.

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