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New site, new goods, new blog, new approach

Posted by Andrew Groves on

Welcome to our new site and blog! We've been working hard on a refreshed product range, updated branding, new website and a new approach and we're excited to start 2016 by sharing the outcomes with you.

We have completely redesigned our range of wooden utensils, choosing to work in beech (fagus sylvatica) due to its uncomplicated figuring and naturally anti-bacterial properties. We have updated some of the production processes too allowing for greater consistency and also reducing the amount of waste material produced. Our first batch of redesigned products consists of an updated Adventure Spoon (with pouch), the Summit Micro Chopping Board, Scoutmaster Firesteel and Diamond Toggle Keychain and we have lots more coming in the next few weeks.

We also have a brand new blog which we'll be posting to frequently. We want to use this as a platform to share outdoor knowledge, products reviews, camp cooking recipes as well as images from our projects and adventures. We encourage you to comment and share information so we can build a community of creative makers and doers influenced by nature and the outdoors. We'll be inviting contributions from guest editors too so if you have an interesting story or factoid feel free to get in touch. In the meantime, try out our first couple of recipes and let us know how it goes!

There is also a new page on the site titled 'Mission' which outlines our goals and the concepts behind what we do. Take a look and see what we're about.


2016 is set to be a big year for us in lots of ways and we're looking forward to seeing which paths our adventures lead us down. If you like what we do, have been inspired to take up wood working or spend more time outdoors based on our exploits we really appreciate you showing your support by purchasing items from our store or sharing our work with your friends and followers so we can continue to spread the word about the importance of nature and adventure!

We also want to say a huge thanks to Pete Thomas for rebuilding our website for us; we're super stoked with how it looks - cheers Pete!

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