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Poler Le Tente and a quest for waves in the West Country

Posted by Andrew Groves on

On our way down to Cornwall on a quest for waves and sunny weather we stopped by Hectic Europe, Poler Stuff UK 's head office, to pick up our accommodation for the trip: Le Tente! Mildly concerned about driving at speed with a large tent on the roof we embarked upon our journey west.

Poler Le Tente

WavesOur fears unfounded and the tent in one piece, we arrived in good time met by solid overhead peaks with strong offshores bathed in golden evening light. It had been a while since we had surfed anything of size and subsequently got repeatedly pounded but were rewarded for our troubles with some long rides. Tired, salty and excited to try out Le Tente for the first time we went to one of our favourite camp spots, put up the tent and filled our bellies with Mexican food and cold beers.

Folding up Le Tente

The following morning the swell had subsided and the winds we unwilling to cooperate so we ventured south. After a quick surf and an explore we stopped by our most excellent friends Francli Craftwear in Falmouth. Franki and Ali showed us around their farmyard studio which they share with a talented bunch of craftspeople, coffee roasters, designers and film makers. Super good stuff.


The swell dropped even further but the winds were strong offshore resulting in waist high mini barrels if you knew where to look, which luckily we did. After stroking in to so many waves and scrambling down sand dunes we figured we had earned a little luxury; we picked up some pizza and beers, put Le Tente up in record time, stuffed our faces and went to sleep content.

Beer and pizza

After a stormy night we packed up our stuff, folded up Le Tente early and hit the road. Sleeping on the roof was so good we decided to camp again when we got home and drove the car into the woods for the night.

Le Tente in the woods

Sleeping high above the forest floor away from snuffling creatures meant for a deep sleep only disturbed by the occasional tawny owl hoot or barking roe deer, leaving us refreshed and excited to get started on another week of Miscellaneous Adventures.

Le Tente at night

Thanks heaps to our friends at Hectic Europe and Poler UK and to Cornwall for the good waves and good vibes!

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