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Camp Fire Burritos

Posted by Emma Hughes on

In our opinion the best meals are those cooked over fire in the great outdoors. There's nothing quite like the taste of food served fresh from a sizzling cast iron skillet or revealing the steaming hot contents of a dutch oven to lift the spirits after a day of hard work in the woods or a long hike. We'll be introducing you to a few of our favourite camp cooking meals on this new blog, starting with camp fire burritos, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

chopping chorizo

a woodsman fire

chorizo and mushrooms cooking over fire in a skillet

tearing spinach into the burrito mix

add eggs to the burrito mix

finished scrambled burrito mix

chorizo, mushroom. spinach and egg burrito with cheese, avocado and tabasco sauce

rolled burrito ready to eat 

Camp Fire Burritos (serves 2)

You will need:
Skillet or frying pan
2 eggs
2 big handfuls of spinach or similar greens
Half a chorizo sausage
10 chestnut mushrooms
Salt/pepper/chilli powder
Optional: Tabasco, cheese and avocado to serve (feel free to add anything you like)

First establish a good fire. Once you have a good bed of embers arrange the fire in a criss cross fashion as shown. Sometimes known as a woodsman's fire or log cabin fire this is one of our favourite fire lays for cooking outdoors as you can simply place a skillet or kettle directly on top of the fire negating the need for a grill. Set the skillet on the heat and chop the chorizo into 1cm sized cubes and add them to the skillet. While the chorizo is frying (keep it moving so it doesn't burn) chop up your mushrooms and add them once the chorizo is almost done. Once the mushrooms have browned a little, rip up the spinach and add it to the pan, mixing it in. Season with salt, pepper and chilli powder. Crack two eggs into an enamel mug and beat them together (you can also do this ahead of time and keep them in an airtight container in a cool bag to save mess). Add the eggs to the pan and swirl them around to cover the base of the pan. Cook for a minute or so until cooked through, then scramble everything together. Remove from the heat and quickly lay a few spoonfuls in the centre of a tortilla (which you could grill over the fire beforehand if you like) and then add any extras. We added grated cheese, Tabasco sauce and some avocado slices. Roll up and eat straight away. Delicious.

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  • I lived on burritos across The States – dinner and leftovers for lunch.

    Well done on the new site, looks great!

    Luke on

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