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Dutch Oven Frittata with Wild Garlic and British Asparagus

Posted by Emma Hughes on

Wild garlic season is upon us once again and we have an abundance of the lush green pungent stuff growing in our woodland. We've been looking for something delicious to cook up on the EZY Stove, leant to us for a test drive by the good folk of Gather Outdoors; so armed with our trusty Poler Stuff Dutch Oven, we collected together some super fresh seasonal ingredients, set up a cooking station in the woods and invited some friends over to come and try out our creation among the bluebells.

We made a wild garlic, asparagus, pea and goat's cheese frittata. Simple, delicious and all the better for being cooked over fire. Read below for the full recipe. Enjoy!

Picking wilg garlic

Getting the EZY stove started

Chopping wild garlic outdoors

Boiling potatoes among the bluebells

Egg and wild garlic frittata mix

Adding goat's cheese to the top of the frittata

Coals on top of the Dutch Oven
Bluebell wood

Finished Dutch Oven Frittata

Slice of wild garlic, asparagus and goat's cheese frittata

Dinner is served. Dutch oven baked frittata

Wild garlic, asparagus, pea and goat's cheese frittata (serves 4)

Kit List:
Camp Cooking Combo from Gather Outdoors

You will need:
6 eggs
A handful of wild garlic
1 pack British asparagus
A handfull of peas
6 Spring Onions (Scallions)
A handful of goat's cheese (the crumbly type)
Salt, pepper, olive oil and a little butter

Boil some water in a pan and cook the asparagus for 5 minutes, adding the peas for the last 2. Drain and set aside. Crack 6 eggs into a pot and beat lightly. Chop the wild garlic and add to the egg mix along with some salt and pepper. Pre-heat the dutch oven on the EZY Stove*. Add some olive oil and then fry the chopped spring onions until soft. Add the asparagus and peas and fry for a minute or so. Arrange the green veg in an even layer over the bottom of the dutch oven and add a few knobs of butter here and there. Pour over the egg mixture making sure it covers all the veg. Crumble over the goat's cheese and sprinkle on some parmesan. Once the frittata has cooked for a couple of minutes, let the fire in the EZY stove die down a little and add the lid to the dutch oven. Carefully remove some of the embers from the fuel chamber (a small folding trowel is a good thing to use for this) and place them on top of the lid. Cook for about 20 minutes, adding more embers to the lid if needed. Once the top of the frittata looks golden in places and the egg is cooked, you are good to go. We served this with some boiled new potatoes, a dash of tabasco and a cold beer. Perfect!

*If you don't have an EZY stove or similar, it is possible to cook this on a regular camp fire. Just make sure to choose a good spot to light it responsibly and tidy up afterwards (see our Campfire Classroom for details).

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