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Gestalten Surf Odyssey

Posted by Andrew Groves on

It's with excitement and a little trepidation that I introduce Surf Odyssey, a new release I edited, researched and curated for prolific design publishers Gestalten. Following on the success of Jeffrey Bowman's The Outsiders, this title explores the culture of wave riding outside of the typical surfing clichés and focuses on the creative and adventurous souls leading the charge of a wave of intelligent, forward-thinking makers, artists, doers, photographers and environmentalists for whom surfing provides the catalyst for inspiration.

Surf Odyssey

Although much of our work here at Miscellaneous Adventures is forest and mountain based, I owe much of my desire to explore, travel and interact with nature to the experiences I've had as a surfer; my quest for waves has influenced the places I've chosen to live, the friends I've made and the adventures I've been on. As such it's a real joy to have had the opportunity to work on a book concerned with something so dear to me and a pleasure to be able to spread the word about the projects, brands and individuals who's work I admire and I hope it appeals to both surfers and non-surfers alike.

I'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone who contributed and sent such great content, especially those who did so whilst travelling in remote corners of the globe, using intermittent internet connections to upload files from hotels, vans, planes and boats. Thanks also to Dan Crockett, who I've wanted to work with a long time, for his beautiful writing throughout.

Check out the teaser trailer above or Gestalten's site for sample spreads and more details about the book. Available to buy now from good bookstores or Gestalten's online store. Cheers!

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