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Axcellent Adventure Workshop

Posted by Andrew Groves on

Last weekend we held our first ever Axcellent Adventure workshop: a whole weekend packed full of axe related skills, woodland wisdom, campfire cooking and general outdoor goodness.
Poler Axe Sharpening
The axe sits at the core of Miscellaneous Adventures. Through living an outdoor lifestyle at our woodland home, learning how to carve wood and by taking one as a companion on many hikes, camping trips and forest jaunts, I’ve come to appreciate the axe as a highly versatile and capable tool. Rarely a day goes by when I don’t use one for work or pleasure. By becoming proficient in its many uses, the axe has also been a valuable study aid as I try to learn about nature, forest ecology and the wider environment beyond. It was with all this in mind, plus an awareness that the axe has seen a rekindled interest of late that I set about developing a purely axe based workshop.
Firewood Yallah Coffee
Poler sandwich maker
The two day workshop covered everything from axe history, maintenance and sharpening, splitting firewood and kindling, felling and processing small trees, techniques for splitting wood without a chopping block and finally some woodcarving. Taught in our trademark relaxed, fun focused approach to outdoor education the workshop was further enhanced by campfire cooked breakfast burritos, Poler branded toasted sandwiches, hearty stews and craft beers. 
Robin Tree Felling
Tree Felling
We couldn’t of asked for a better group of students and weather was finally on our side. Thanks so much to everyone who came, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks heaps also to Poler Stuff UK for helping us out with camping equipment and outerwear and to Yallah Coffee for providing our frequent caffeine fuelled refreshments.
Firewood Splitting Without a Chopping Block
Axe Holding
Breakfast Burritos
Vegetable Lasagne
Teaching Woodcarving
If this has inspired you to get out into the woods and have a go with an axe yourself, the next Axcellent Adventure will take place in October and you can book a place here!

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  • I’d have loved to have been there but circumstances meant I couldn’t make it this time. I’ll be at the next one though!

    Mac on

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