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Adventure Spoon MKII - Wood is Good

Posted by Andrew Groves on

An experimental redesign of our flagship product, the Adventure Spoon was the catalyst for overhauling our whole product range, website and for reassessing what we are trying to achieve here at M.A. A wooden spoon was one of the first things I made when I had the idea for Miscellaneous Adventures back in 2011 after seeing Scandinavian hikers using them whilst on a trek in the far north of Sweden so it's an important product for us to get right.

For the Adventure Spoon MKII, I have updated our production methods and switched from working with green wood to seasoned beech timber from our local sawmill so that I can make a more consistent product that creates less waste. Previously, one wooden spoon carved from unseasoned birch or cherry would leave me standing in a mountain of wood shavings unsuitable for anything. Wood would split or crack in warm weather, or start to rot if left outside too long and ultimately end up in the stove. Now from one small piece of wood I’m able to make a spoon, two firesteel handles and two diamond keychain toggles with almost zero leftover material. Beech is also naturally anti-bacterial making it ideal for eating tools; evident in its wide spread use for chopping boards and kitchen work surfaces. This new process also means the spoons cost less to make enabling us to reach a wider audience by making them more affordable.


Our aim is to promote the use of wooden goods as a genuine alternative to plastic or metal camping eating tools. Not just because it’s a sustainable option but because natural products are tactile, rugged, warm and evoke the spirit of early adventurers, log cabin dwellers and explorers. We also want people to connect with nature when they spend time outdoors. So much modern outdoors equipment is designed to shield us from the elements, to be smaller and lighter so we can travel faster through the landscape; perhaps the addition of a few natural products to our regular gear can help remind us that we’re out there to enjoy nature and be part of the environment, of who we are and where we came from. Perhaps not, but we think it’s worth a go anyway.

Check one out and see what you think!

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