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About Us


About Us

Welcome to Miscellaneous Adventures, home to the creative and outdoor endeavours of Andrew and Emma Groves. We are a multi faceted operation, encompassing woodland based outdoor skills workshops, an online store providing a range of handmade camping gear and a fully fledged creative studio. We live in a small barn set in a woodland where we make all our goods, look after the land and study the flora and fauna that surrounds us.

Inspired by an adventure into the Swedish wilderness that would change us forever, the accidental discovery of better life lived outdoors, the simple joy of making things and our belief in the power of good design to communicate important ideas, Miscellaneous Adventures strives to encourage others to pursue an outdoor life led by a curiosity for nature.

Whether you’re looking for beautiful outdoor gear to cherish, to learn a new skill, or for someone to help bring your creative project to life, our aim is to help you on your journey.

We hope you enjoy exploring and if there’s anything you’d like to know, just ask!


About our products

Our wooden products are made by hand by us, using a mixture of different techniques. The timber we use is harvested by us mostly from the woodland we manage, the species of wood varying year on year depending on our felling plans and we allow the availability of materials to inform our design decisions. We also carry out felling work in other places locally so we’re sometimes able to harvest additional bits and pieces from elsewhere. Our cups are hand carved from green (freshly cut) wood using axes, carving knives and gouging tools while our chopping boards, spoons and other tools are typically made from timber which we cut into planks and let season for a year before we begin work. Creating things from wood for us is a wonderful way to connect with a natural material and to learn more about woodland and forest ecology; in each of our wooden products we hope you’ll find some of the joy we receive from the woods every time you use them.

Further Reading

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